Cosmetic Tools Service

All STALEKS cutting tools are designed and made to last for many years. Intensive use or dropping the tool often requires re-sharpening. A distinctive feature of Staleks tools is the ability to be re-sharpened multiple times while retaining their functional characteristics. Our service offers sharpening, derusting, and polishing of tools such as nippers, cuticle pushers, and scissors. A broken spring, difficult operation, or jammed nippers will no longer be a problem for you. Pack your tools and send them back to us. The shipping address can be found in the contact tab. We will check what happened and restore their full functionality. Remember!!! - before shipping, wash and disinfect your tools. Our safety is also important. Be sure to include a note with return shipping details inside the package! Sharpening cost:

Nippers - 30.00 PLN

Cuticle Pushers - 35.00 PLN

Scissors - 35.00 PLN

The service takes about 7 days. We return the tools via cash on delivery courier. Send the tools to the address:

Modlińska 74a, 05-110 Jabłonna, Poland

We invite you to use our services!