Professional cuticle scissors
The Exclusive manicure scissors series has been designed for the most demanding stylists who want to stand out not only with excellent craftsmanship but also with the necessary tools for their work. Exclusive scissors are visually distinguished by an engraved zebra or magnolia flower pattern. The scissors are made of AISI440 surgical steel with additional polishing of the cutting edges and rounding of all other edges. This is to prevent damage to the nail plate.
Key features:
● Increased corrosion resistance thanks to high-quality AISI440 steel and multi-stage polishing for a mirror effect
● Convenient and easy access to the cuticle due to curved blades that closely follow the shape of the nail (in a hook or C-shaped form)
● Neat and precise cutting thanks to professional manual sharpening
● Protection against injuring the nail plate, thanks to rounded scissor edges
● Easy and smooth operation due to excellent tool geometry
● Long-lasting sharpness thanks to polishing of the back surface of the blade
● High durability, reliability during use
● Original appearance highlighting the uniqueness of the tool
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