In almost every cosmetic bag, you can find small, sharp scissors for trimming nails or cutting cuticles. Manicure and nail scissors can be purchased separately or with other essential manicure tools such as: cuticle pushers, cutters, nail files.

To make the right choice and purchase, you need to know what types of scissors are available and how they differ from each other.

All metal tools from the Staleks company are made of stainless steel of the AISI420 or AISI430 class. This is the same steel used for surgical instruments. Purchased tools should undergo a comprehensive decontamination process before use. Additionally, after each use, the tools should undergo a cleaning process. Properly conducted decontamination and periodic maintenance with medical paraffin will ensure their long and trouble-free use.

Stages of processing Staleks metal tools:

  • disinfection with alcohol-free agents,
  • high-temperature sterilization in a class B autoclave (we do not recommend disinfection with sporicidal agents).