The sold Goods are covered by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. In accordance with the agreement, the Seller and the Buyer declare that the liability under the warranty for defects of the goods is excluded under Article 558 § 1 of the Civil Code. Acceptance of the goods is equivalent to acceptance of the agreement.

1. The basis for accepting a complaint is the presentation by the Customer of proof of purchase of the goods (sales receipt or VAT invoice, and the original packaging, protecting the product during transport).

2. The Store will respond to the Customer's complaint within 14 business days from the return of the goods along with a description of the non-compliance. If the verification of the non-compliance requires obtaining an expert opinion or the opinion of the manufacturer's representative, the deadline for the Store to respond is extended by the time it takes for the Store to obtain such an opinion.

4. If fulfilling a justified complaint involves sending new goods to the Customer or removing the non-compliance, the delivery costs are borne by the Store.

5. Individual computer and monitor settings of the Customer causing erroneous or distorted display of information about goods (e.g., colors) cannot be the basis for a complaint.

6. Normal, operational wear and tear, especially of the cutting edges and rusting of tools, are not grounds for a complaint.

7. If the purchased goods have visible manufacturing defects, they should be returned or sent back to the ProBeauty sales office at ul. Modlińska 74a, 05-110 Jabłonna, Poland, immediately, including a description of the observed defects, proof of purchase, and the factory packaging.