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Durable and professional cosmetic cutters

Diamond cosmetic cutters available at have a standard shank diameter of 2.35 mm. They fit all milling machines used in beauty salons. The offered cutters can be sterilized in an autoclave. These products differ in shape, and include: a cylinder with a very thick diamond coating, a rounded cone with a very thick coating, a ball-shaped cutter, a cylinder with a front coating and a rounded edge, a truncated cone with a medium coating, a teardrop with a medium coating. embankment and much more. It is worth noting that these cutters may also differ in the size of the selected tip and the thickness of the diamond coating used. Thanks to this, everyone will find the right model for themselves! We invite you to place orders and if you have any doubts, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in making the optimal choice.

Manicure and pedicure cutters – types and applications

Our extensive offer includes various types of manicure cutters. The assortment includes models in the shape of a rounded cone with a very thick coating. Such a manicure cutter will be used when working with thickened nail plates, and its shape will allow for precise operation. Another option is a model in the shape of a truncated cone - it will be suitable for shortening nails. One of the basic tools when preparing nails for manicure is a ball-shaped cutter. Its purpose is to enable precise preparation of cuticles, which largely determines the effect of the work. We also cannot forget about diamond cutters in the shape of a truncated and rounded cylinder. What are they best for? These manicure cutters allow for efficient and precise grinding and shaping of gel, acrylic and natural nails. Due to the rounded edge, this manicure cutter reduces the risk of injury. The offer also includes models that will facilitate the removal of gel and acrylic and will be used to give artificial nails original shapes.


Diamond nail cutters are exceptionally durable and effective, which is crucial when working with various types of nails, both natural and artificial. Their variety of shapes and sizes allows for precise and delicate work, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Cuticle cutters are particularly important as they enable accurate and safe preparation of this delicate part of the nail. The cuticle cutter, due to its precision, allows for accurate removal of excess cuticles without the risk of damaging the skin. This is extremely important for the health and aesthetics of nails, as well as for the client's comfort.

Additionally, a pedicure cutter is an indispensable tool in professional foot care. Thanks to its durability and precision, it allows for the effective removal of calluses and thickened skin, which is key to achieving smooth and healthy-looking feet.

Each of the cutters available in the Staleks offer has been designed for maximum effectiveness and safety of use. Their ability to be sterilized in an autoclave ensures the highest level of hygiene, which is essential in the work of every cosmetologist and podiatrist.

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Nail Cutters
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