Files and abrasive pads

Staleks offers a number of innovative file types for professional manicures. Moisture-resistant files are made of high-quality paper, using European abrasive materials. All files were made with extreme care, guaranteeing reliability and effectiveness of work. Files are available in all popular gradations. Files can be glued to a metal support made of prefabricated sections or from a Bobbi Nail roll. After the service, the sticker is simply peeled off and any remaining glue is removed with acetone. In this way, the stylist can create her own individual file or file/polisher. Additionally, Staleks has designed an innovative solution in the form of files sliding onto a metal support. papmAm files are economical to purchase, ergonomic to store and guarantee the highest level of hygiene in the office. Staleks files and nail files are irreplaceable in every beauty salon and in home nail care. Available in various gradations, they allow for precise modeling and smoothing of nails, which is crucial for obtaining a perfect manicure.

Innovative solutions, such as files that slide onto a metal support, make the work of stylists much easier. They enable quick and easy replacement of files, which is especially important when working with different types of nails and in various cosmetic treatments. Thanks to this, the stylist can adapt the file to the individual needs of the client, which significantly increases the quality of the services provided.

The quality of the materials used, including high-quality sandpaper and abrasive materials of European production, ensure long-term effectiveness and durability of the files. Their resistance to moisture is another aspect that distinguishes Staleks products, making them more durable and hygienic in use.

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Files and abrasive pads
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