Our extended offer includes both nail clippers, ideal for everyday use, and professional nail clippers, designed with the highest standards of precision and durability in mind. For those looking for specialized solutions, we offer pliers for ingrown nails and pedicure clippers, which guarantee exceptional accuracy and are irreplaceable in professional podiatry treatments.

Our toenail nippers are the answer to the needs of those who require tools tailored to the specific challenges of foot care. In addition, our assortment also includes nail clippers - both for home and professional use. For people struggling with the problem of ingrown toenails, we recommend our ingrown toenail clippers, which help to gently deal with this common problem.

A special item in our offer are podiatry side clippers for ingrown toenails. These professional tools have been designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort during podiatry treatments. All our tools, made of high-quality AISI420 or AISI430 steel, guarantee long service life and corrosion resistance, which is confirmed by the 100% quality guarantee offered by Staleks. 

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