Nail Clippers Podo

The podiatry series pincers were designed in close cooperation with podiatry specialists. The shape of the blades, their size and specially profiled handles facilitate work in any procedure requiring their use. The material is the highest quality AISI430 medical steel, which was additionally polished during the processing process, which, combined with manual sharpening, gave a perfect cutting edge. The podiatry series tongs are suitable for disinfection and high-temperature sterilization. These are tools intended for professionals. Staleks podiatry pincers and clippers are tools that are characterized by precision of operation, which is necessary for effective treatment and care of problematic areas of the feet, such as thick, calloused nails or ingrown toenails.

The shape and size of the blades of these tools have been specially adapted to podiatry needs, which enables their effective use even in hard-to-reach places. Specially profiled handles ensure comfort and control during work, which is crucial for accurate and safe performance of treatments.

The quality of the AISI430 medical steel used, combined with the polishing and manual sharpening process, guarantees a blade with a perfect cutting edge. This ensures precise and clean cuts, which is extremely important in delicate and demanding podiatry procedures.

The possibility of disinfection and high-temperature sterilization of these tools is another important aspect that emphasizes their suitability for professional use. Thanks to this, Staleks podiatry clamps and clippers are not only effective, but also safe and hygienic to use.

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Nail Clippers Podo
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