Nail Clippers PODO20

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These are clippers with classic handles like nail scissors. It is not without reason that the PODO 20 nippers have achieved such extraordinary performance. During work, it is much more convenient to hold them perpendicular to the treated area, which is simply impossible in in the case of classic clippers.The rings on the clipper handles provide the podiatrist with high maneuverability of the working part.
PODO 20 pliers have handles with classic rings resembling nail scissors. The lack of protrusions around the cutting blade will allow for treatment of the periungual area as thoroughly as possible (periungual fold, ingrown nails and various types of corns).

Features of PODO 20, NP-20-7 clippers for podiatrists:

  • stainless medical steel with high chromium content;
  • classic size of working edges - 7 mm;
  • no protrusion (heel) of cutting blades;
  • cutting edges without slope;
  • multi-stage manual sharpening of the working part of the tool;
  • classic size of handle rings
  • Inverted rivet.

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