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The integratedtest is a comprehensive indicator of steam sterilization controldetermining whether all critical process parameters have been achieved throughout the sterilization cycle,

The integrated indicator provides information on whether all microorganisms have been eradicated in the controlled sterilization process.

  • adapted to all combinations of critical sterilization parameters
  • the test does not require interpretation of the color change, you only need to assess the shift of the indicator substance to the place specified on the test,
  • indicator substance completely non-toxic, free of lead and other heavy metals,
  • the test imitates the behavior of biological indicators.

Complies with ISO 11140 - 1 class 5

How to use: The chemical test is placed inside the package to be sterilized. After sterilization, remove the indicator and check the shift of the indicator substance.

Storage and shelf life: It is advisable to store the tests in a cool and dry place, maintaining appropriate stock rotation. Keep the humidity level in the room low and the temperature below 30°C.

Shelf life: 3 years from the production date indicated on the packaging.

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