Eyelashes tweezers TE-41/6

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When a stylist gets his hands on a high-quality tool, his work brings only joy and satisfaction from the contemplation of the beauty he has created.These are the TE-41 tweezers/ 6 eyelashes from the Expert series will become the master's best partner in modeling a charming look.

This model of tweezers has the shape of the letter L, also known among stylists as the butt. This shape of the working edges and their tight closure over the entire surface allows for reliable capture even the thinnest eyelashes, which are used by makeup artists to increase Hollywood volume.

Expert 41 Type 6 tweezers have a fairly wide working surface, sharpened by hand. Optimal for various eye modeling techniques.Also suitable for masters who are accustomed to creating bunches of different volumes on their fingers.

The light TE-41/6 tweezers fit comfortably in your hands.They are characterized by smooth and soft movement, which minimizes hand fatigue and promotes precise and clear movements during long-term operation.

Features of the Expert TE-41/6 eyelash tweezers:

  • 40X13 steel with high corrosion resistance;
  • metal hardness 49-53 HRC;
  • shape of working edges - feet (bent at an angle of 75 degrees);
  • easy movement and weight of the tool;
  • comfortable ergonomic shape of the handles
  • tight closure of working edges;
  • matte coating of the handle prevents slipping in the hand;
  • polished working part prevents glue from sticking;
  • suitable for classic modeling and any volume building technique.

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