Professional scissors SX-21/2 magnolia

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Professionals in the nail industry choose only the best tools and materials for their work.And the bravest of them are always looking for something new and interesting. Scissors for Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 skins will be a breath of fresh air for connoisseurs of ergonomics and impeccable quality of manicure tools.

Manicure scissorsSX-21/2 have curved handles, which provide the stylist with a more favorable and comfortable hand position when cutting. And the smooth movement of the tool and the high hardness of the metal guarantee very precise, smooth and easy cutting.But the main feature of the model is the bending of the working part in hook-shaped.Such a curved and tapered shape of the tips of the cutting blades repeats the depression of the nail plate, which prevents nail injuries and provides better access to work with the periungual skin.

Additionally, the exclusivity of the model is emphasized by the magnolia engraving on the case and scissors handles.

Features of professional cuticle scissors STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE 21 TYPE 2:

  • unusual curved shape of the handles
  • unique hooked curve and tapered blade tips
  • professional manual sharpening under a microscope;high metal hardness 50-55 HRC;
  • easy and smooth operation;
  • can be disinfected and sterilized
  • original design engraved in the form of a magnolia flower.

Those who are looking will always find the professional Exclusive 21 Type 2 tool to create a flawless manicure!

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