Professional scissors SX-23/2 magnolia

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Professional Staleks PRO Exclusive 23 SX-23/2m scissors are designed for working with leather. Made with an original engraving in the form of magnolia flowers on the envelope.

The scissors have increased corrosion resistance thanks to high-quality 40X13 steel and multi-stage polishing.They have a high degree of durability and reliability. They have a hooked bend at the end, which allows you to work in hard-to-reach places on the nail plate.Protects the nail plate against injuries.

Extended handles of the Exclusive 23 TYPE 2 tool provide a better view and access to the cuticle.

Features of the Staleks PRO Exclusive SX-23/2m scissors:

  • elongated handles;
  • tool length 94±1mm
  • hook-shaped bend at the tip;
  • original design in the form of a pattern;
  • perfect balance between the thickness and sharpness of the blades;
  • classic blade bending radius (R300mm);
  • manual sharpening under a microscope
  • polished cutting surface;
  • smooth operation;
  • high durability of the product.

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