DFCEMIX 20-100/180 "papmAm" overlays

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The STALEKS PRO EXPERT PapmAm Mix set with grit 100/180contains 25 files that will allow the master to effectively perform manicure and pedicure.< /font>These files ensure a high quality nail finish and meet the needs of stylists.Each file has two working sides with different combinations of gradations differing in color. >Expert Black abrasive is 100 grit and Expert White abrasive is 180 grit.

The file is made of environmentally friendly kraft paper, which eliminates the possibility of injuring the client during work.The files are equipped with a thin layer of foam that ;ra reduces the pressure on the nail plate, ensuring comfort and safety of the process. The file size is 140 x 20 mm, ideal for simple bases. MBE-20 , SPBE-20  ;, WBE-20 .

Features of double-sided variable files papmAm Mix gradation 100/180 STALEKS PRO EXPERT:

  • PamAm Mix files can be easily attached and removed from the base;
  • have soft tips made of environmentally friendly kraft paper
  • each file has two working sides with different colors
  • black Expert Black abrasive material with a grit of 100 is used for rough machining;
  • Expert White abrasive, 180 grit — for softer processing
  • intended for single use;
  • ideal for straight bases MBE-20, SPBE-20, WBE-20.

Application of a set of double-sided variable papmAm Mix files, gradation 100/180 STALEKS PRO EXPERT:

  1. Unpack one of the PapmAm Mix files and place it on the base as a cover so that both sides of the file are available for use.
  2. We start processing nails from one side of the file.The black Expert Black abrasive with a grit of 100 is intended for more rough processing and removing excess nail plate. ;
  3. After finishing machining on one side of the file, turn it to the other side.Expert White abrasive with a grit of 180 is intended for more delicate machining; bki of the nail plate.

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