Tweezers TE-11/3B

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The professionalism of the eyebrow master is palpable in his confident movements, which are refined to automaticity.And his work depends on high-quality materials and a solid tool.< /font>

The Staleks Expert eyebrow tweezers 11 Type 3 were designed especially for professionals. The tweezers fully cope with the specifics of correction of wide and thick eyebrows and have beveled edges for ease of use.

Features of the Expert 11 TE-11/3B Staleks Pro tweezers:

  • perfectly removes even the most unruly hair: thick - with roots, without breaking off, and thin working edges (0.1 mm) guarantee a comfortable grip of short and thin hair
  • /font>
  • Thanks to the raised edges, the tweezers capture hair along the entire length.It also removes both single hairs and several hairs at the same time.
  • tweezers are made of high-quality 40X13 steel, so they will serve you for a long time: they are highly resistant to corrosion, retain their sharpness for a long time, and are suitable for sterilization ;
  • the tool is hand-sharpened and, if used correctly, will last for six months;
  • excellent polishing does not scratch the skin during correction, which is not indifferent to the client.

Another advantage for the beautician is the smooth movement of the tweezers.It reduces hand fatigue and finishes the work faster and better.< /p>

The stylish, shiny purple coating of the handle will delight every cosmetic bag.

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