ZE-20/4 (Z7-51-03) Needle

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Vidal needle designedfor skin cleansing.

  • made of surgical steel
  • on one side it ends with a thin, sharp "spike"; to be pricked on the other side with a cleaning spoon.

Every woman wants to have flawless skin, free from any blemishes. They are able to spoil even the best makeup.A professional cosmetic needle will allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of imperfections without irritation, redness and difficult-to-heal wounds. In addition, the blackhead removal device is hygienic. Made of stainless steel, so it does not cause inflammation. However, it allows you to pierce the cyst and remove blackheads, leaving only a small mark at the puncture site. This, in turn, is practically invisible and disappears quickly. Isn't this the perfect solution? So let's fight acne effectively and safely.

Precision of each treatment

A specially profiled handle of the cosmetic needle adds precision to the movements. Therefore, we will avoid unnecessary stings, and the process itself will be quick and not burdensome. On the contrary - it is a safe, hygienic and healthy way to obtain beautiful skin. In the fight for its perfect condition, you need to start by choosing the right tools. Place an order now in our wholesaler and equip your living room with the necessary products.

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