sterilization sleeve 75mmx200m

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Smooth paper and foil sleeves, for steam sterilization.

  • disposable packaging allowing for safe sterilization and storage of medical and cosmetic materials,
  • thanks to the transparent foil on the outside, the contents of the packages are visible,
  • packaging can be opened at any time without the use of cutting tools, ensuring asepticity,
  • special arrangement of paper fibers guarantees exceptional ease of opening by peeling,
  • thanks to the special characteristics of the paper, the packaging is not permeable to microorganisms, constituting an excellent barrier to bacteria,
  • the foil part is colored green, which allows you to easily identify any problems with the welds,
  • high mechanical resistance of the foil surface to cutting and piercing,
  • packaging can be used wherever safety and ease of use are important
  • independent preparation of packages of any size, closed by many types of sealers
  • factory seals are located at the very edges of the packages, which prevents the foil from unwinding at the corners
  • all inscriptions and indicators have been placed outside the filling area on the paper under the factory seal to eliminate the risk of ink contamination of the text or contamination with a fuzzy indicator
  • information on the product is printed in Polish

View-Packpackages consist of two different surfaces: paper and foil. Both surfaces are characterized by properties that favor the sterilization process. They are connected by a 3-channel thermal seal, which has exceptional barrier properties and facilitates safe and easy opening.
The grammage of medical paper is 60 g/m2 and has been optimally selected to ensure adequate resistance to tearing and bursting.
The foil surface is made of a 6-layer composite of polyester and polypropylene, 52 m thick. Both of these materials are characterized by special properties that improve the quality of the weld with the paper surface as well as high flexibility, durability and strength. Chemical sterilization indicators S, EO, FO are printed on the packages. The indicators change colors depending on what sterilizing process the contents of the package are subjected to. This makes it easy to determine whether the packaging and its contents have been sterilized. The sealing temperature of the packages is in the range of 160-200°C and depends on the type of sealing device.


Complies with the standards PN EN 868 part 3 and part 5, BS 6871-1987 and DIN 58.953 part. 4.
Packaging production takes place in clean-room conditions - rooms with increased cleanliness.
The manufacturer has an ISO 9002 certificate and a Certificate of Compliance with the CE 93/42 Directive.

Storage and shelf life:

Store in a place with low air humidity and at a temperature below 30°C. Maintain appropriate stock rotation.
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date indicated on the packaging.

Packaging and catalog number:

The production date, CE mark and batch number are located on the collective packaging.
The product has a batch number corresponding to the number on the collective packaging and the production date.

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