DFC-20-180 set of replaceable foam pads 30 pcs

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A conscientious master always puts the client's safety first.In the nail industry, this means sterilization of all instruments that are subject to it. >For the rest, there are disposable consumables.

PapmAm STALEKS PRO SMART 20 are practical 180-grit files on soft foam. The set includes 30 disposable pads that are placed on the base for each new customer.

Features of PapmAm STALEKS PRO SMART 20-180 replacement files:

  • do not leave traces of glue on the tool;
  • intended for processing artificial and natural materials nails;
  • mineral abrasive material aluminum oxide;
  • saving money, time and space;
  • excellent quality
  • suitable for both manicure and pedicure
  • in terms of work quality and functionality, they are not inferior to traditional reusable files.

Technology for using replaceable files PapmAm STALEKS PRO SMART 20:

  1. Choose the appropriate database.
  2. Open the multipack and remove the file
  3. Insert the base into the disposable file.
  4. Throw away after use.

PammAm replacement files are waterproof, clean abrasive and securely attached to the tool.

Fits straight bases WBE-20, SPBE-20 and MBE-20

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