DFCE-22-100W "papmAm" overlays

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Innovative solution patented by Staleks.

A system of replaceable paper files sliding onto the MBE-20 metal carrier. The file in the form of a slide allows for very safe work without injuring the nail plate or finger skin. After the nail is finished filing, thepamAmfile detaches itself from the base without leaving any trace. The entire system is glue-free. The paper side of thepapamAmfile also allows you to attach a polisher or other grade of file from the DFE - 20 glued file system to it. Also, in this system, not even the minimum amount of glue will remain on the metal support. The entire papmAm system is very economical to use and affordable. Gradation 100, 50 pieces per package

Advantages of replaceable covers for PAP files MAM Exclusive DFCE-22-100W:

  • easy and convenient installation of the removable file cover;
  • it's safer to work,
  • no glue base, easy to remove, no glue residue on the substrate;
  • product invented and patented by Staleks;
  • during work, the tata-mama file fits very tightly to the base and does not slip;
  • high quality abrasive,
  • environmentally friendly file cover base.
  • Suitable for media: WBE-20, SPBE-20, and MBE-20.

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