DWC-20-180 papmAm on a soft base, on a wooden base 10 pcs

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Disposable consumables have conquered the world of nail care.Every master working with a large number of clients has managed to evaluate their advantages in terms of quality of work, hygiene, time savings and money.The choice of your favorites depends on your work technique and daily needs.

The set of ready-to-use PapmAm Staleks Pro Smart 180-grit files consists of ten files on a simple wooden base. The abrasive layer is placed on a soft foam that absorbs shock while filing, so that each movement is directed and smooth, and additionally protects the nails against damage. Abrasiveness allows for a certain working with natural nails . The result will require careful sanding to achieve smoothness.

Advantages of ready-to-use papmAm Staleks Pro DWC-20-180 files:

  • for amateur and beginner use;
  • base made of ecological kraft paper;
  • soft substrate under the grit sheet for a springy effect;
  • hardness 180 gradation for natural nails
  • each file is on a simple wooden base.

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